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Dams to digital: India’s engineers are now building tech systems for the world

On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, we look at what some of the country’s finest engineers are working on, and the advice they have for young engineers.
1. Proud of Delhi Metro accomplishment: Arthi Rajasekar, Team Leader – Digital & Integrated Systems, Alstom

I’ve worked in the urban rail mobility (signalling) industry for over 13 years, and on projects like Delhi Metro, Shenzhen Line 3 (China), Incheon Metro Airport line (Korea), and currently Agra-Kanpur Metro. Closest to my heart remains the Delhi Metro project, as I worked on multiple DMRC lines, starting from Line 1 in 2003. Today, Delhi Metro stands as one of the greenest urban rail networks in India, having prevented carbon emissions of more than 90,000 tonnes. I lead the team that designs and tests the interlocking software which ensures the safety of the metro. The Line 7 project will be the longest unattended train operation (UTO – driverless system) line in the world. Gender no barrier.
Women must lead large infra projects
Gender is no longer a barrier in the engineering field. I am eager to see the transformation of the railway sector spearheaded by women in engineering.

2. Part of a mission critical team, Krishnaraj Lakshminarayanan, Director – Digital Cockpit, Automotive, Harman

Until recently I was leading the SPOT (system profiling and optimisation tools) India Team. It comprises of around 20 of Harman’s best automotive engineers from across the globe. They monitor performance and stability for all ongoing automotive projects. Car infotainment solutions are bundled with a lot of new technologies and features, and it is critical to ensure they work seamlessly when integrated. System resets, system freeze, audio glitch, sluggishness, etc, are common problems during product development.
One such issue reported for one of our customer programmes was that the system restarts when driving through village roads. The team went for a drive test and realised that on a village road with a lot of trees, light keeps changing and the light sensor in the head unit pumps in a lot of messages, which results in loading the communication framework and ends up in a system reset. The issue was resolved by adding additional logic. To figure out a problem, it is very important to understand your systems. And to listen to the end user.
Wear an architect’s hat: Budding engineers must always wear an architect’s hat and design systems for the future.
3. Accelerating cloud migration: Santosh Reddy Mereddy, Product Owner, SAP Labs India

The SAP S/4HANA cloud test automation tool (TAT) project holds a special place among my many projects. TAT is adopted for testing business applications and helps customers accelerate migration of their applications to the cloud, thus saving them significant time during scheduled upgrades. This product has empowered SAP and resulted in higher customer satisfaction.
Learn using open-source: I would advise engineering students to work in teams, as you will gain collaboration and team spirit skills. Also, learn by DIY/ opensource. You need to get experience of starting a project from scratch, doing development, testing, documentation, and then sharing your learnings/ work on platforms like GitHub.
4. Have handled massive power projects globally, Megha Nasikakar, Electrical Engineer & Assistan Manager, Exports, ABB

I joined ABB in 2005 as a graduate trainee and since then I have been looking after all the key and strategic projects for ABB – including globally – in the medium voltage switchgear business. A switchgear is a combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment. One of my biggest accomplishments is the 2 x 800 MW thermal power plant project for Telangana, where we had supplied 450 switchgear panels. The plant, once completed, will greatly reduce the environmental impact, fulfill the power requirements for many projects, and impact some 35 million people.
Overcome biases: Young women engineers should not feel tied down by any biases.
5. Exciting time for an engineer: Piyush Jain VP and Global Delivery Head, Software and Digital Services, Quest Global

The world today has some very complex challenges. For an engineer to be living in this time of rapid technology change and working with these technologies to solve these complex challenges is exciting. If I have to pick one project that has given me and the team immense satisfaction in recent times is the one that we developed for the UN Development Programme. They wanted us to build a solution that can help them track their vehicles which are sent for providing aid. This is done on a real-time basis and helps provide better tracking, monitoring, and planning for aid distribution. Our team used…

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